April 25, 2019
Her generosity of spirit explains why Kathy Petrino loves to write about her frequent travels to such a degree. She wants to visit as many destinations as possible while she’s here, of course, that goes without saying. However, it’s not just about her and having her own fun. She know that, by sharing her travel experiences with others, she can help others enjoy the same travel experiences. Also Kathy Petrino knows that, the more people go to her favorite travel destinations, the better off they will be and the more often she can go to each. Kathy writes about every aspect of every trip, including all details about all of her favorite destinations, so people can have the same great experiences.

Among Kathy Petrino’s favorite destinations is New Orleans, Louisiana. This is no surprise, of course, many people travel to “The Big Easy” every year for music, food and fun. While the city has had hard times in the last 15 years or so, don’t be discouraged; there is still plenty of life to New Orleans, and that makes it a great place to visit and much different than most other tourist destinations. The first thing most people notice when they go to New Orleansis the scent of the constant cooking of French-inspired Creole and Cajun food that goes on practically 24/7. The city’s also known for the sound of music wafting through the New Orleans air, including the live jazz and blues in the clubs and from the street performers n nearly every block.
October 26, 2018
Kathy Petrino believes it’s great to enjoy your travels, but it’s better to tell others, which is why she is both a prolific traveler who wishes to see as much as possible in her life, and someone who loves to write about all her travels. It makes her happy that so many other travel enthusiasts will be able to read her work and go on to enjoy everything she has. By doing that, she hopes her favorite destinations will thrive and she will be ablate visit over and over again. Some place like the Coachella Valley in Southern California is one such destination, which is why she does what she can to promote those places.

Located in the middle of California’s Low Desert, Coachella may never reach its peak popularity, which occurred as it was when the Rat Pack ruled the area in the 1950s and 1960s, but she believes it should always be a great place to travel. about the place. The nostalgic vibe alone tends to transport visitors back to the time when Frank and Dean and Sammy ruled Palm Springs, the heart of the region and the most popular destination in the Low Desert. Many fully-restored hotels and rental homes dot the area and they, too will take you back to that more innocent time.